What are Ceramic Coatings & the Benefits

We understand the importance and the physical benefits of using ceramic coatings to a car’s paint work. It will not only help your vehicle withstand the tests of time, numerous washings and chemicals, but will also help your vehicle stay looking brand new for a longer period.

If you are a fan of keeping your car’s exterior clean and shiny, then you have probably heard of a ceramic coating. We only ever use premium, professional products, which work as a protective layer for your car’s paint — like a car wax or sealant but designed to last longer.

As a liquid polymer, ceramic coatings bond to the paint and act as the first line of defence against scratches, dirt, and water. They typically have a resin or quartz base that uses nanotechnology to spread thinly across your car’s surface and fill in all the minuscule pores within the paint. Its liquid state evaporates quickly to leave a sheer outer layer.

Ceramic coatings can enhance the appearance of most cars. To achieve the gleaming look, however, the paint itself cannot be too thin and must be free of defects. Otherwise, the clear coat will lock in debris and other marring features. So preparation of the car and paintwork is critical and is actually the most time consuming part of the process.

Lots of car owners add coatings to their vehicles to protect their car’s paint. Paint coatings can last anywhere from one to 12 months depending on the product. Our high-quality ceramic paint coating products can protect your paint for up to three years before needing replacement. Giving your vehicle that show room finish for longer.

Any Wax and sealants only last a few months at the most and will need doing on a more regular basis. While they offer a good level of protection to the elements, we will always advise to have a ceramic coating added on top of your vehicles maintenance to keep the body work of your vehicle in perfect working order, just you would service your car’s engine, your car’s interior and exterior should also receive the same level of care.

While a ceramic coating provides the longest lasting shine, it does require the most time to apply. The application process involves a thorough cleaning of the car’s surface of any dirt, debris or even swirl marks, and then an easy application of the ceramic coating. By using Ceramic Coating Products this is a modern and more up to date method of protection and protects your paintwork by blocking UV rays and slowing down Oxidation. While also preventing minor scratches from reaching the paintwork.

Ceramic coating work by creating a special coating, which in turn provides paint protection by acting as a shell against a variety of paint-damaging sources:


Since the ceramic coating is hydrophobic, the car’s surface will shed water and bead instead of causing paint damage from water spots and accumulated moisture. Ultimaxx products also provide a shield against chemical staining such as acid rain.


Some chemicals, like those found in bird droppings, cleaners, gasoline, brake fluid, shoe polishes, and shaving cream can be highly damaging to car paint.Ceramic coating products takes the beating of these chemical products first — preventing the paint from fading or peeling off. They can also prevent dirt and stains from bonding with your car’s paintwork.

UV Rays

Ultraviolet (UV) rays can oxidize and fade car paint, or even contribute to rusting. Ultimaxx ceramic coatings can assist with your vehicle staying newer looking for longer.


Though often advertised as scratch proof, ceramic coatings are only scratch resistant — which is still hugely effective against minor scratches. The coating helps to deflect scratches that are caused by dirt, which contaminates your vehicle, sticks to the paintwork, and is then scrubbed off, the abrasive action of the dirt will dig in at the cars body work and then create surface scratches.


As the Ceramic Coating acts as a protective layer. It makes maintenance and cleaning of the vehicle much easier. Dirt that would normally be stuck to the paintwork, can now be removed more easily. The hydrophobic properties of the coating even helps dirt drop off and prevents it from sticking to your car.